10 Qualities To Be A Better Barista

10 Qualities To Be A Better Barista

For us, Barista is not only the person who makes and serves the coffee beverage but also who knows and can present the core value and hard work of the farmers to brewers. Yes, exactly I am talking about the efforts from farmer to producer, producer to Q- grader (Quality Grader), Q- grader to Coffee roaster, coffee roaster to the barista and finally barista to the customer.  And also the word barista is related to the bartender who normally works behind the bar.

 The qualities that barista need to have is as follows:

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  • He/she needs to have a friendly and humble attitude.
  • He/she needs to be well-groomed.
  • He/she should have language fluency and have very good communication skill.
  • He/she should have strong customer dealing skills.
  • He/she must have customer analysis skills.
  • He/she must have strong salesmanship skill.
  • He/she must work as an all-rounder at the coffee store.
  • He/she must adjust and work in a team with healthy coordination.
  • He/she needs to develop strong leadership qualities for supervision.
  • He/she must be interested in the coffee and should have knowledge about the product.

                                These are the qualities that every barista should meet to work in a coffee shop.  It helps both parties to work and run the coffee shop very smoothly.

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