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We, as a bunch of coffee enthusiasts, started with a small café– Coffee Beans, exploring the coffee market only to realize that there is much more to it. It is a whole new culture Coffee Culture. To expand onto this trending culture, we were an early bird, opening one of the first barista training institutes: The School of Coffee Beans, training new-bees who want to add onto their skill either for moving abroad or for venturing themselves into the national market.

  • Specialty Coffee
    Specialty Coffee
    Known as the third wave of coffee, which connects every single cup of coffee with each effort of farmers for serving quality coffee to consumers.
  • Professional baristas
    Professional baristas
    Coffee served from our outlet are prepared by the professional Baristas. Enjoy every cup of coffee with us.
  • Promoting coffee to go
    Promoting coffee to go
    Getting busy with regular schedule, We want to be at our destination on time and need coffee as well. Our Baristas are quick to prepare your take away coffee.
  • Nearest Delivery
    Nearest Delivery
    We also deliver our coffee to the nearest offices and corporate houses.
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Our clients say


Shweta Shahi

A perfect place to train for barista skill- professional training, beautiful ambience, friendly and supportive people, and lots of positive vibes. In the school of coffee beans, one can learn not only to brew coffee but also to create warmth and fun in the atmosphere.

Jeetesh Maharjan

Learning need not be boring, and that is what this place is all about. You are not only gaining skills as a barista, you are creating smiles and laughter along with beautiful memories and beautiful bonds. All the credit goes to amazing people managing this interesting place. Those who want to learn skills as a barista and also meet some amazing people, The School of Coffee Beans is the place for you. Super Recomemded place!!!!!!

Kabina Maharjan
One of the best Barista School in town. Thank you Sanjeev dai and Kundan Dai for the wonderful experience, I wish you guys luck and success for upcoming days. And to those who are interested in Barista, this school is perfect for you. I feel grateful for being the part of The School Of Coffee Beans.
Akanksha Adhikari

It's amazing to be part of the school of coffee beans .. amazing time with amazing peoples .. Place where u can get skills of barista with more comfortable and easy way, having lots of fun and creating good memories with good peoples .. thanks a lot Sanzeev dai and Kundan dai.. u peoples are really great .. loved your company #highly_recommended_place ��

Shreyak Kafle

15 days Barista course with The School of Coffee Beans was really worthwhile. The course is perfectly designed and the mentors are really supportive. It has been really amazing to be a part of the family. Anyone looking for a Barista training can apply here. Highly recommend. 

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