What is Barista?

A barista is a person who works with espresso commercial machines and who got engaged in
speciality coffee. Barista is also known as a brewer.

What is the total cost of barista?

The training fee of barista vary from coffee school to coffee school and also it depends on.
Generally in the context of Nepal it started from Rs7000 to maximum Rs30000.
It also depend on the course either is specialty coffee course or basic barista training skills

What is the minimum salary of barista in Nepal?

The salary varies from coffee shop to coffee shop. If you start your career from trainee it will start from 6000 and if you start working as a head barista or supervisor level they might paid-up to Rs25000-30000 reputed company.

Which is the best coffee school in town?

You can found lots of good coffee school nearby you, it depends on your choice and your opinion to choose the correct place for your platform.

Are you associated with some of the international certified company?

No, we are not associated with any of the international organization. And we also wanted to make clear that barista is basically skilled basis training so you don’t have to be certified to work as a barista. We need a very strong skill and knowledge l to present and to work as a barista in any National and international companies.

Do you have a group rates?

Yes, we have group offers it depend on how many numbers of candidates you come up with.

Where is the training venue?

We are located at Gairidhara, Dillibazar and Baneshowr but we only provide training at two places Dillibazar and Baneshowr. We have coffee shop in Gairidhara.

Is there any age limit for barista and jobs?

There is no age limit for training and jobs. For the jobs, it won’t have to be under child act labour.

Can I get jobs after the training ?

You need a very strong basic skill and knowledge to present in front head barista during the trial and with no doubt, you can get this thing from our course. We try our best to connect with our student when we are offered with any job vacancies.

Do you provide internship?

  • Yes, we do provide internship. We don’t send our student to any café but we provide internship in our own branches. There are certain criteria to get the internship that candidate have to meet during the basic course.

Do you have a practice session?

Yes, our course is designed basically with more practical sessions. We will have enough practice and hand wash in the machine and technical parts. We also advise our student telling them to come back after completion of the course and use the equipment whenever you felt it is important.

Do I get refund if I am unable to join the class or have to leave during the course?

Because it is a short duration course. It depends on how much you have paid as an advance and how many days you have attended your class.

How many total beverage we learn ?

Basically we focus on a basic beverage that is common in the international and national market. Total we are focusing on 16 beverage. It also includes a manual brewing process.

Can we be perfect in latte art and other skill after the course?

We believe that no one is perfect. We are confident that our student can present very well and excellent with no doubts If he is really interested in Barista.  For latte art skill we need more practice and the whole coffee industry is a never-ending process we keep on learn and share.

Can we be able to run coffee shop or start coffee shop business after the course?

With the basic course, we can have the basic skills and product knowledge. This will help you to start working in a coffee shop. To start any café you need to gain more experience and study the market.