History of Coffee. Where Did Coffee Originate And How Was It Discovered?

History of Coffee. Where Did Coffee Originate And How Was It Discovered?

Everyone is familiar with the question- from which part of the world coffee had been started? And hope everyone can guess the answer, yes it is Ethiopia. After it first originated in Ethiopia now it has become the 2nd largest commodity traded in the world today. Mostly people have the curious about how coffee get started to drink and become largest commodity in the world.

How Was Coffee Discovered? – Ethiopia and the Dancing Goats.
The most popular story starts with Kaldi and his goat. Kaldi, an Ethiopian (goatherd) saw his goats acting quite strange. They were dancing and that was not normal. He found that they were eating red berries and concluded that it was a fruit from which they were feeling active. He himself tried the same berries and felt the same things that goat was feeling.

Another story, however, claim that kaldi shared these beans with a monk who disagree and threw into the fire. The result was very good with pleasing aroma which became the world’s first roasted coffee. After it people started to ground the beans and boiled and to produce.

Slowly it spread through all over the world. Drinking coffee became habitual after it spreads around the Europe and it become more popular after it reaches to Italy city named called Venice.

Here is the facts of Espresso Commercial Machines.

The first espresso machine was created in 1901 in Italy by Luigi Bezzera. It was the first commercial espresso machine that used water and steam under high pressure to brew coffee really fast.

The machine was designed out of necessity as Luigi was just hoping to reduce the time it took to make coffee so his employees could get back to work faster.

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