Public Cupping Event Held On 17th Jan 2020

Public Cupping Event Held On 17th Jan 2020

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This article is about a recently held public cupping event that we organized in collaboration with The Specialty Coffee Project. The event was hosted by Purna Gaudel, a professional coffee roaster, working in a popular café in Dubai name He is a coffee enthusiast, doing an amazing job at roasting coffee beans.

Cupping is the process of tasting different kinds of roasted coffee beans and recognizing the subtle differences in their flavour and aroma. In this event, we had roasted beans from different origins, growing at a different altitude. Those beans were also processed in separate ways before roasting. For instance, some were natural, washed, red or black honey.   



These beans, we brought, were from Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, Burundi, Colombia, Guatemala and Nepal itself. They were grown in an altitude between 1500-2000 meter. While most of those coffee beans were harvested in 2019, some were also harvested in 2018, making it a fresh cup to assess their flavour.

Name of Coffee Beans for cupping are:

  1. Burundi Gitwe 92

  2. Panama Geisha Series

  3. Brazil Dry Process

  4. Colombia Melba bubu

  5. Colombia yenni Ramos

  6. Guatemala los Santos Chimaltenango

  7. Guatemala Antigua Hunapu

  8. Ethiopia Dry Process

  9. Burundi Honey Process

  10. Julia series (caturra)

  11. Geisha Red Honey



It was an exciting opportunity for us to taste the coffee beans from different countries which are already famous for coffee production. It led us to differentiate the taste and quality of coffee beans produced and used in Nepal.

One of the most interesting parts was that we tasted the coffee beans which falls under the highest score of quality. The Panama Geisha Series standing at 93 and 91.75. These Flavors Were Truly Amazing.

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